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Gas Detection Equipment | Analytical Technology, Inc.


The D12IR gas transmitter can also be configured with infrared sensors for carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrous oxide (N2O) gas detection. Q45S Wet H2S Gas Detector The Q45S model is an odor monitoring system that uses our standard Q45 electronics package in conjunction with a special Wet H2S sensor.

Gas Sensors BW Cl2


The CL2 Honeywell BW™ Solo is a portable chlorine detector with a measuring range of 050 ppm that fits in the palm of your hand. This new, smaller design allows gas to diffuse into it more quickly, giving it a faster response time than previous models. The design also features easy access to internal components through a removable front panel making maintenance and sensor replacement quick ...

LPTA Analog Transmitter Critical Environment


Electrochemical chlorine (Cl2) sensor (0 5 ppm range), LCD display, 4 20 mA or 0 10 VDC output, threewire VDC or fourwire VAC power, 2 A 30 VAC / VDC SPDT relay, audible alarm, water / dust tight enclosure with PTFE membrane sensor element protection

DULCOTEST® Sensors for Free Chlorine ProMinent


Sensor for Free Chlorine CLO 2mA. Sensor for the measurement of free chlorine in clear water even when using electrolysis processes for disinfection, up to 70 °C or 8 bar (25 °C). For operation with controllers with 420 mA input. Also suitable for use in film …

CHLORINE Monitors Analytical Technology


ATI''s Chlorine Monitor is an upgraded version of our proven Q45H system for continuous water quality monitoring of free or combined Q46H system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents. The A22 ChlorLog is a portable residual chlorine monitor with built in data logger.

Chlorine Gas Detector, Portable and Fixed Cl2 Monitor ...


The use of a chlorine gas detector allows detection and measurement of this substance in the air to prevent accidents. Equipped with an electrochemical chlorine sensor, a fixed, portable, handheld single gas or multi gas CL2 detector can monitor chlorine concentration in the ambient air. Chlorine gas CAS: 7782505 was used as a chemical weapon during World War One.

Dräger Pac® 8000 Draeger


The Dräger Pac 8000 performs especially well when detecting a variety of special gases. The Pac 8000 can be fitted with sensors for carbon dioxide (CO 2), chlorine gas (Cl 2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), ammonia (NH 3), nitrogen dioxide (NO 2), phosphine (PH 3) and organic vapors (OV or OVA).. Further demonstrating the capabilites of Dräger gas detectors is that the Dräger Pac 8000 performs ...

E3SCL2 2M | OMRON Industrial Automation


Ambient humidity range (Strage) 35 to 95% (with no condensation) Insulation resistance. 20 MΩ min. (500 VDC megger) Dielectric strength. 1000 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min. Vibration resistance. Destruction: 10 to 55 Hz, mm double amplitude each in X, Y, and Z directions for 2 h. Shock resistance.

Chlorine Gas Detectors | Chlorine Sensor | CL2 Gas Monitor ...


Chlorine Gas Detection Options RC Systems offers a variety of chlorine gas detection solutions, including: Chlorine Gas Detectors These CL2 gas detectors are available in toxic dual sensor gas detectors and toxic single point gas detection, depending on your application needs. Both types help detect the presence of gases in a specified area, and transmit alarm signals when they reach …

Cl2 Sensors


GS+4CL2 GS+7CL2. DDS offer Chlorine sensors in both our compact 32 mm and miniature 20 mm diameter ranges. CL2 range designed for robust conditions but both sensors are ideal for portable and fixed detection systems. data sheet gs+4CL2. data sheet gs+7cl2.

RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro Single Gas Monitor with Chlorine ...


ToxiRAE Pro Gas Monitor with Chlorine (Cl2) sensor. Click here to learn more from Honeywell''s website. The ToxiRAE Pro is the industry’s first and largest family of wireless1 personal singlegas instruments that reliably and accurately monitor a full range of common toxic industrial gases, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and combustible gases.

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