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CO2 Duct Sensor Kit for 121/2 To 25 ton Packaged Units ...


AMERICAN STANDARD HEATING AIR CONDITIONING ASTBAYCO2K004C, BAYCO2K004C, These sensors detect and control the carbon dioxide level in the conditioned space by measuring CO2 concentration, comparing it with a useradjustable set point and sending a corresponding control signal to the economizer module. This causes the economizer damper to be positioned so that sufficient fresh …

CO2 Sensors


The maintenancefree carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor is primarily designed for return air based demandcontrolled ventilation applications. The exceptional stability and reliable performance comes from advanced siliconbased NonDispersive InfraRed (NDIR) tec hnology combined with Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) and passive gas diffusion (no moving parts). The CO2 sensor is …

TRANE CO2 DEMAND Controlled Ventilation Wall Sensor ...


Price Trane Co2 Demand Controlled Ventilation Wall Sensor X13790422010 41904100. Avg: , Low: , High: Best quality when compared to PicClick similar items. Close. Seller 13,419+ items sold. 0% negative feedback. TopRated Seller!

How do I install a RTVM in a Voyager 2 with CO2 / DCV – Trane


Installing DCV on an Electromechanical Precedent with a Gray Trane Economizer Module; DCV Setup for Precedent and Voyager 2 MultiSpeed, SZVAV and Precedent 17 Plus Units operated on a Thermostat; How do I install a RTVM in a Voyager 2 with CO2 / DCV; How do I get a copy of the Installation Sheet for CO2 SEN01087 or SEN01092

CO₂ Sensor | Trane Commercial


Trane Commercial

Space Pressure Sensor Failure Trane Tech Support


20210225· Step 3 Sensor Checkout . 0 to 5 IWC Transducer .75 to 9 IWC Transducer . Tee a manometer/magnehelic into both the high and low ports on the transducer. Verify that the voltage read at J32 and J33 on the 1U52 module corresponds to the pressure indicated on the manometer using the chart above. If it does not and Steps 1 and 2 have been performed, replace the transducer. If the …

Trane Co2 Wall Sensor Sen01087 Servicefirst X13790422010 ...


Trane Co2 Wall Sensor Sen01087 Servicefirst X13790422010 New In Box, TEMPTRESS COLLARS (more delicate. The ring is accentuated with a strip, and print them at home or upload to a printing vendor''s website, Items will be send within 5 working days following confirmed receipt of payment. * Comes with a recyclable and environmentally friendly envelope and is packed in a clear cello bag for ...

Zone Sensors Trane


Combination zone sensor CO2 zone sensor Trane sensors are integral to the performance of a Trane building controls system throughout the building lifecycle. Trane wireless sensors take advantage of advanced technology to overcome installation obstacles of time and cost and minimal ongoing maintenance. Count on Trane to keep the building running as well as it did at initial commissioning …

Sensors Trane


The Carbon Dioxide (CO 2) sensor connects to a Tracer® building management system and the appropriate ventilation equipment.. The Trane® CO 2 sensor measures and records carbon dioxide in parts per million (ppm) in occupied building spaces. These carbon dioxide measurements are typically used to identify underventilated building zones and override outdoor airflow beyond design ventilation ...

User guide Trane


mat sensor fault oat sensor fault oah sensor fault rat sensor fault rah sensor fault co2 sensor fault actuator fault normal not ok to economize normal ok to economize no power blink 8 7 6 4 3 2 1 steady flash steady on off led flash codes 24 vac 24 vac xfmr1 mbus 210 vdc damper override 210 vdc damper position 2000 1500 ul 1000 500 1900 ...

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