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The ADT7420 is a high accuracy digital temperature sensor offering breakthrough performance over a wide industrial range, housed in a 4 mm з. 4 mm LFCSP package. It contains an internal band gap reference, a temperature sensor, and a 16bit ADC to monitor and digitize the temperature to …

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Microchip’s integrated analog technology, peripherals and features are engineered to meet today’s de

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the addition of detection circuitry or multiple sensor inputs. The RE46C800 provides all the analog, interface and power management functions necessary to build a microprocessorbased CO detector. Features Low battery detection Temporal or continuous horn pattern Low current, lowpower operation SOIC or PDIP package

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62 Temperature Sensors Product Tree Logic Output Digital Output TC620 SMBus/I2C SPI Dual Trip Point, Internal TS TC72 TC621 Dual Trip Point, Thermistor Remote Monitors Local Monitors with 10 bit, 2C TC623 with Alerts Alerts TC77 13 bit, 1C Dual Trip Point, Resistor Set MCP9902/3/4 TC74 MCP9501/2/3/4 24 Channel, For Cold Apps 2C, SOT, TO220 With EEPROM Temp Switch, Factory …

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RE46C800SS20 Microchip Technology センサー・インターフェイス CO Companion データシート、、です。

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The unity gain stable op amp provides railtorail inputs , Neutral ACDIS DC 1012V D1 RE46C800 Working CO Sensor Microcontroller Interface Counter 22 F C1 1M R1 , Backup. 2013 Microchip Technology Inc. DS25172Apage 11 RE46C800 RE46C800 Working CO Sensor , Battery Operation.

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ZF Electronics (formerly known as “Cherry”) is a manufacturer of custom and standard switch products, sensor products and energy harvesting (wireless) products. The range is utilized by a wide array of markets worldwide including agricultural and commercial equipment, industrial automation, facilities management, gaming machines, consumer goods and several others.

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Smoke Detector, CO Detector and Horn Driver ICs. If you are creating a smoke detector, carbon monoxide (CO) detector or security application, we offer a large portfolio of lowpower and costeffective ICs with a variety of features to meet your design’s requirements. These mixandmatch solutions include lowpower ionization and photoelectric ...

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Range Current Description and Additional Features Packages Sensors (°C) 25°C (°C) (°C) Sensor THERM Shutdown (V) (µA) Serial Output Temperature Sensors with Remote Diode Monitors MIC184 1 ± ± −55 to +125 1 1 – – 340 Local/Remote Thermal Supervisor 8pin SOIC, 8pin MSOP MIC280 1 ± ± −55 to +125 1 1 – – 230 Precision IttyBitty® Thermal Supervisor ...

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Cornell Dubilier was founded in 1909 by William Dubilier who formed the company after he first used a glassy mineral called mica to help form a “condenser” (now called a “capacitor”). CDE now offers a wide selection of standard and custom screw terminal, snapin and board mount capacitors, used extensively in the most critical applications, ranging from defibrillators and

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RE46C800. Status: In Production. The RE46C800 is a low power CMOS carbon monoxide detector companion IC. The RE46C800 provides all of the analog, interface, and power management functions for a microcontroller based CO or toxic gas detector. It is intended for use in both 3V and 9V battery or batterybacked applications.

RE46C803 Carbon Monoxide Detector Companion IC


The RE46C803 is a lowvoltage, lowpower CMOS carbon monoxide detector companion IC. The RE46C803 provides all of the analog, interface, and power regulation functions for a microcontrollerbased CO or toxic gas detector. It is intended for use in 3V battery applications. It features a boost

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Device X X Examples: Package Number of Pins Device: RE46C800 RE46C800T Package: SS20 = Plastic Shrink Small Outline Narrow, mm Body, 20Lead (SSOP) a) b) RE46C800SS20: RE46C800SS20T: 20LD SSOP package 20LD SSOP package Tape and Reel CMOS Carbon Monoxide Detector IC CMOS Carbon Monoxide Detector IC (Tape and Reel) 2013 Microchip Technology Inc. …

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Analog and Interface Product Selector Guide 59 Support Training Microchip is committed to supporting its customers in developing products faster and more efficiently . We maintain a worldwide network of field applications engineers and technical support ready to provide product and system assistance .

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