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Polytron 5100 ElectroChemical H2S Gas Detection Detector ...


Polytron 5100 ElectroChemical H2S Gas Detector Detector Draeger, Microprocessor based detector can be equipped with various electrochemical Dräger sensors for easy detection of ambient oxygen and various toxic addition, the Polytron® 5100 can be integrated into your plant control and security system, thus providing additional diagnostic functions.

Dräger Gas Detection Catalog Safety on board | Dräger


DrägerSensors ®, XXS and PID ... 25 ppm H2S, 17 vol.% O 2 45 94 655 Deluxe Instrument Case 83 18 755 TECHNICAL DATA Gases Detected Combustible Gases, O 2, CO and H 2S. Size x x inch (7 x 129 x 31 mm) Weight oz (220 g) Approvals ATEX: II 2G EEx ia d IIC T4/T3 …

Draeger 6811410 Electrochemical Sensor, 1 Ppm CO, 1 Ppm ...


Draeger 0 2000 ppm CO/0 200 ppm H2S electrochemical sensor detects CO/H2S at 1 ppm CO/1 ppm H2S resolution for use with Xam 5600 series multigas

Dräger Gas Detection Dräger Safety PDF Catalogs ...


This 1 to 5gas detector reliably measures combustible gases and vapors as well as oxygen and harmful concentrations of CO, H2S, CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, NO2, PH3, SO2 and organic vapors. A variety of special calibrations for the catalytic Ex sensor allow the Dräger Xam 5000 even more sensitivity when detecting specific combustible gases and vapors.

Dräger Pac® 6000 single gas detector | Dräger


Powerful sensors with a very low t90 response time ensure quick reactions. The Pac 6000 is versatile thanks to its wide measurement range. For example, the CO sensor measures concentrations from 1 to 1,999 ppm, and the H2S sensor from to 100 ppm.

Catalytic gas sensor Dräger Safety methane / H2S


The Drger Catalytic ExSensors deliver productivity, reliability, and safety by measuring the presence multiple gases simultaneously. The sensor has the ability to detect combustible gases and vapours in the air. The Drger Catalytic ExSensors are ideal for a number of specific applications and features an extended lifespan of 36 months.

Draeger Safety Xam 5000 Gas Monitor with O2,LEL,CO, H2S ...


Dräger Xam 5000 with O2,LEL,CO,H2S Sensors and Charger Assembly . Click Here learn more from Drager''s website. Quick Summary. AN ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR EASE OF USE. Besides its advanced functionality, the Dräger Xam 5000''s practical “mobile phone” design and light weight make it comfortable to carry.

Draeger Gas Detector Tubes (10 per box) Hydrogen Sulfide ...


Draeger Gas Detector Tubes (10 per box) Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Not all detector tubes are created equal! DrägerTubes® with the accuro® pump deliver the most accurate results. Many DrägerTubes® offer a +/ 10% standard deviation on the results. This is a result of our 70+ years of manufacturing colorimetric tubes and the consistent volume ...

Draeger 6810370, DraegerSensor XS2 H2S: The Safety ...


Smart technology All sensorrelated data, such as temperature compensation, measurement range, calibration interval and gas type, are stored in sensorspecific memories by the smart technology. The XS sensors can easily be switched between the Pac III and Dräger Xam 7000 devices. Unit of measure: 1. SENSOR H2S (XS2), Draeger 6810370. New: NEW

XXS Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Replacement Sensor | 6810883 ...


Reviews (0) XXS Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Replacement Sensor. Draeger XXS electrochemical sensors are designed for use in Draeger Pac and Xam series gas detectors. Reliable, stable, and longlasting, XXS sensors offer fast and accurate response to changing gas concentrations. Features: Range: 0 200 ppm. Resolution: 1 ppm.

Draeger Sensors Archives Hazmat Resource


17/5/2021· Draeger Sensors; XXS CO/H2S Draeger Sensor XXS A small sensor a giant step into the future: The new Dr?gerSensor XXS is remarkably compact, and boasts an even higher performance than the competition.

Oxygen gas sensor XXS Dräger Safety H2S / CO ...


electrochemical gas sensor XS. oxygen H2S CO. infrared sensor. catalytic gas sensor. methane H2S. calibration gas ECal. gas leak detector MSI P7plus. portable with digital display. carbon monoxide analyzer MSI Variox2.

Drager Sensor EC Electrochemical H2S


Description / Features / Spec. Drager Sensor EC Electrochemical H2S. This Drager Sensor is for detecting levels of hydrogen sulphide. It has a measuring range limit of 50ppm. More information can be found in the technical note in our downloads section. Electrochemical sensor, suitable for use in Drager''s Fixed Gas Detection Systems.

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